Gallarda, black vultureOn the tracking carried out in last April at the National Hunting Reserve of Boumort, 24 different Black Vulture specimens were monitored by means of direct observation.

From those 24 black vultures, 19 were released or born in the wild in previous seasons and 5 individuals were released on 1 March 2013. The máximum number of individuals observed in one day was 21, on 8 April.

Two of the individuals that remained dispersed or settled in colonies far away from the reintroduction area, Gata and Gallarda, have turned back to Boumort, thus increasing the number of vultures of the colony up to 24 individuals (12 females and 12 males).

From the 7 black vultures released on the first of March, two individuals died during their dispersion: Trenca (on 7 April, by collision with wind farm structure in Lugo) and Grefa (on 11 April, hit by car in a road in Huesca).

As regards the breeding season, from the 5 pairs that layed egg in the Pre-Pyrenees, 3 chicks were born. Two of them were born very early, accoding to the usual egg-laying dates for the species: on 3 April, the chick Perla and Portell and on 4 April the chick of Menta and Mario. The third one was born on 25 April (the chick of Bruna and Corneli).